Decorating options-
There are many options when deciding how to decorate your petís urn. Most people prefer to allow me to design the placement of their decal, photo or personalization choices.

Please view the photos placed
throughout our website for ideas.

Decorative choices include:
Ceramic Urn glazed in an Art Glaze, Crystal and many others of your choice with no additional decorating. If you do not see a color that you love, please tell me what color you would like and I will do my best to find it.

Art Glaze:
Glaze Options and Glaze Options 2

Add a touch of elegance to your urn with Art and Crystal Glazes. Color effects range from solid to translucent, with each glazes containing tiny flecks of accent color for a superior look. The exciting charm of art glaze is that no two firing give exactly the same results Ėeach outcome is truly unique!


Solid colored Glazes:
In Satin or Gloss: If you do not see a color that you love, please tell me what color you would like and I will do my best to find it.

Solid Chips

Photo- Decal -Verse Decorating options: Choosing to have your urn glazed in Ivory or choosing from the white china selection, offers you the widest variety in decorative choices. You may select almost any decal, verse, saying and on some of the urn styles you may even choose to have an actual photo of your pet applied. If you do not have a favorite photo of your beloved friend you may choose a decal (see the decal link).

Personalization including a verse,
your petís name and special dates.
See the images through out the site

link to decal page-
You will not be ordering from the decal site, instead you will be choosing a design and I will order it if I do not already have it in stock.

Please read the following instructions
before clicking on the link.

  • From the home page use the search field to type in the breed or species of your pet.

  • You may also click on any of the other categories. Please do not choose a glass, digital, cold or low fire decal.

  • After you select the design(s) that you like you will just need to note the item numbers and include them with your order. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need assistance. Decal link.



Art Glazed

Solid Glazed with Decal or Photo


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